Deal Blotter

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Definition: Deal Blotter

Deal Blotter refers to a document containing the trader's record of all the transactions on a given day. The deal blotter contains all information relevant to a transaction like action taken (buy/sell), value of the deal, the security symbol, deal stamp time , confirmation number, currency, deal rate etc. 

Details like opening and closing positions are documented in a deal blotter. It gives the forex trader the information for that day. The overall performance of the company is also documented which gives the position of the company at the close of day.

Earlier deal blotter was a manual process where the information was manually tracked. With increased online technology and computerization of the system, immediate documentation and tracking of the amount, rates, values etc can be done by the traders.


Figure 1: Deal Blotter:

The details in a deal blotter are saved like in the example above. All the information regarding buy/sell, currency, amount etc are available in a tabular format, which can be monitored or accessed as per the requirement.

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