Globally Floored Contract

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Definition: Globally Floored Contract

A structured investment product is a type of a pre-packaged investment product that gives a specific payoff with respect to a reference portfolio which maybe an index/ security/ stock/ derivatives etc. These products are sold by banks and other Financial Institutions. These kind of structured instruments have become very popular.

A Globally floored contract is a kind of a guarantee that is found in such structured investment products that helps in receiving a minimum amount of payoff at maturity. In case the investment in the underlying instrument loses its value, such a provision will protect the investors to recover some value by minimising the loss and hence placing a floor on the downside potential. However, the downside is that activating such a provision will lead to the maximum amount of payoff not being realised if the trade ends up on the positive side. The guarantee is referred to as a global floor because it is applicable for the entire life of the contract.

Payoff of a locally capped globally floored contract:

Let the Initial investment be Rs. 5,000.

Maturity of the instrument = 10 years

Let r = 10% be the guaranteed minimum rate at the time of maturity

Let the quarterly local cap, c= 5%

There are many potential risks involved with structural products as their value is highly correlated to market movements. As a result of such risk present, clients’ approval must be obtained explicitly for such investments and trading.


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