Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

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Definition: Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) is located at Motijheel, Dhaka. It was incorporated as East Pakistan Stock Exchange Association Ltd. in 1954. It is registered as a Public Limited company and is regulated by the laws under Securities and Exchange Ordinance - 1969, Companies Act - 1994 & Securities & Exchange Commission Act – 1993.

DSE’s major functions include

• Listing of companies

• Providing automated trading of listed securities

• Settlement of trading

• Market surveillance, administration and control

• Protecting the rights of the investors

DSE has three indices

• DS30- Companies having market capitalization of 500 million Taka and above

• DSEX- Companies having market capitalization of 100 million Taka and above

• DSES- Provides broad market coverage of Shariah compliant companies (excludes alcohol, tobacco companies etc.)

Clearing and Settlement process at DSE

Trading is conducted in 4 sessions

• Enquiry session- Brokers can logon to the system but cannot submit any orders

• Opening session- Buy and sell orders are compared to calculate the open adjusted price

• Continuous trading- Orders are submitted for execution

• Enquiry session- Market is closed and the closing prices are calculated and published

The total market capitalization of all listed companies shares was 3,186,447 million Taka or 33,468 million US $.


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