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Definition: Conference

A conference can be defined as the meeting of two or more people who discuss about a topic and these discussions are expected to produce some substantial results. The various types of conferences that happen around the world are discussed as follows:

• Academic conference, in science and academic, an official event where researchers present results, workshops, and various other kinds of activities.

• Business conference, organized to converse about business-related matters

• Parent-teacher interview, also a king of Conference/ a meeting with a child's teacher to talk about the grades and gauge school performance

• Conference call, in telecommunications field, a multi-party call

• Conference hall, room where conferences are held

• News conference, an declaration to the press (print, radio, television) with the anticipation of questions, about the announced issue

• Peace conference, a diplomatic meeting to end conflict

• Professional conference, might happen to discuss work issues

• Settlement conference, a meeting between the claimant and the respondent in a lawsuit, wherein both of them try to settle their dispute without proceeding to a trial

• Trade conference, or trade fair, with wider contribution and providing the opportunity for business people and the general public


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