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Definition: XML and HR-XML


XML stands for Extensible Mark-up Language. It is similar to HTML and is designed store and transport data (not for displaying data like HTML).

XML tags are defined by users and it is self descriptive in nature. It simply carries information.  It does not do anything except wrapping information in tags. A software code needs to be written to send, receive and display data.

A sample is shown below:







As shown, the code contains sender (XYZ) and receiver (ABC) information. It also contains the heading and the information message. Here the tags <to>, <from> are not defined by XML. The user is free to define his/her tags and the document structure.




HR-XML is an XML specification which enables automation of HR related data exchanges.

Its standards are:

  • Specification Development
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Certification Programs


It provides an integrative platform for data storage and transport and facilitates smoother functioning.


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