Incidence Rate

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Definition: Incidence Rate

Incidence rate is the ratio of the new cases of diseases or injury occurring in a population in a given period to the total population. It is generally expressed over a population of 1000 or 10000 per annum. It can be used to indicate the relative level of incidences of a disease or injury occurring in a given company or department or industry. This rate can help identify the problem area as well as a solution for it. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has devised a step-wise procedure that allows one to gauge an organization’s illness or injury record.


Formula :

Incidence rate = (Ratio of new cases of disease or injury in a given population in

agiven period) / Total Population


It is also expressed as


Incidence rate = Number of injuries or disease occurrence x 200,000 / Total work hours of

the employees


where 200,000 = 100 employees x 40 hrs/week x 50 weeks/yr


eg – Suppose that in a population of 1000, 20 such cases were discovered, then

Incidence rate = 20 x 200000/1000

Incidence rate = 4000


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