Bells and Whistles

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Definition: Bells and Whistles

Bells and Whistles are the features which may or may not be useful to customers but are anyway included so that to differentiate the product from similar other products available in the market. These Bells and Whistles are many a times seen as unwanted features but they may catch on over the years.

The cellphone was supposed to replace the landline initially, then features like camera, music player, games etc started to be added by companies to make it 'better' than each other. But over the years the Bells and Whistles features in cell phone became standard features and were no longer unwanted or extra.

Not every addition to a product is bells and whistles either. Many additions may mostly be required or may be an improvement. 

Another Example can be adding chrome finish for an anniversary edition of a car. The chrome finish is just cosmetic feature and has no specific purpose but has been added to differentiate.


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