Gross Impressions

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Definition: Gross Impressions

Gross Impressions is the total number of individual people or households represented by a given media schedule. It is sometimes confused with Gross Rating point which is the number of impressions rather than the number of audience.

But according to Gross impressions, only one unique impression is counted per campaign. The reports for unique impressions will show visitors’ activities which is got from the cookie in the browser of the customer. If the cookie in the browser is deleted or a new user login is created and used a new impression is calculated.


Assume that there are four advertisements seen by 2 people. First person sees Advertisements 1 once, 2 once and 3 twice. Viewer 2 views advertisement 2 once and advertisement 4 once. That means

Advertisement 1 had

• Visitor A viewed: Ad1, Ad2, Ad3, Ad2

• Visitor B viewed: Ad1, Ad4


• Ad1 has 2 unique and 2 gross impressions

• Ad2 has 1 unique and 2 gross impressions

• Ad3 and Ad4 each has 1 unique and 1 gross impression



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