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Definition: Inquiry

An inquiry in general is a process which is done to augment knowledge, clear doubt or problem. In marketing, it is the measure of the effectiveness of a company’s marketing efforts. It is collected from Preliminary response from prospective customers, generally following a promotional campaign. As the number of enquiries increases, the effectiveness of the firm’s marketing efforts increases. Generally the number of inquiries determine the firm’s marketing activities.

Inquiry-based learning is done by asking questions, problems and scenarios rather than presenting established . Inquirers will identify research issues to develop their knowledge or solutions.

Preparation for inquiry:

1. Identify a problem requiring an explanation.

2. In selecting the medium for presenting the problem/event, design experiences which will bring students into contact with a problem-evoking situation. Discrepant events, demonstrations, films, audio tapes, graphs, tables, problems and case studies can be used to start the inquiry process. It must be a puzzling situation to the students and conflict with the idea of reality.


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