Call to Action (CTA)

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Definition: Call to Action (CTA)

Call to Action (CTA) includes words that are aimed to provoke immediate response from the audience of the advertising medium (audio/video/print/online).


• Call Now and get 10% off

• Visit us at


• Call Now, toll free number

• Send an email

• Send a message


• Call Now to get a free sample

• Send coupon back to receive free gift

• Call now for subscription, First ten subscribers get 500 Rs Off



• Click here

• Register Now

• Download free trial

• Sign up now for newsletter

• Subscribe now and get a free gift


A Call to Action is aimed to improve the response rate for a particular advertisement.

Ways for enhancing customer response to CTA:

• Customer should be clear on how to respond to CTA

• Customer should be clear on the benefits which they will receive

• Give a deadline or ultimatum so that the customers are compelled to act soon

• Don’t give too many CTA’s on same page as it might confuse the customer

• The offer should be compelling enough to persuade the customers to take immediate action

• Make the page clutter free so that the CTA attracts attention


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