Customer Focused Performance

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Definition: Customer Focused Performance

Customer focused performance is an organization approach to measure its performance in terms of customer performance & satisfaction. All actions of the firm are aligned to meet the customer expectations related to the desired product quality & services. Each & every process in the organization whether it is internal or external must take care of the customer requirements & are designed to improve or meet the customer expectations. Employees are aware of their roles & responsibilities & play an active role in maintaining their relationship with the customer.

Three external performance levels:

• Low level- At this level objective is to help customers with whatever knowledge you possess. It is important to gather information & collect feedback at this level

• Moderate level- At this level the requirement is to understand the customer from inside out. You should be able to predict customer’s response to a given offering & predict what they may require next.

• Higher level- At this level one need to be proactive to understand the value proposition a customer is looking for. The relationship at this level is well beyond the transactional one & is more of a trusted advisor.

Thus customer focused performance is completely based on the customer’s satisfaction & all evaluations are customer centric.


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