Soft Selling

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Definition: Soft Selling

Soft selling is an advertising and sales practice which is centered on identifying consumer’s expressed and tacit needs and wants through probing and careful listening. It uses a more subtle, casual and friendly sales messages and is a non-aggressive persuasive technique. It is designed to avoid irritating or angering potential customers without pushing them away but communicate the message in a more subtle and friendly manner suited to customer expectations.

In order to make soft selling technique more effective, here are some of the important points to be kept in mind

• Building relationships – Focus on relationship marketing in order to build good relations with customers

• Emotional communication – Use appropriate emotional techniques such as storytelling to make oneself more memorable and share a personal anecdote

• Quiet Approach – Use a gentle pitch that is passive, non-aggressive and conversational

• Subliminal Branding – Create meaningful customer touch points that are effective.

• Research well – Do an extensive research in order to understand the customer’s underlying beliefs and motivations and see whether the product is appropriate for him/her


• Discount and Coupons Codes – A website that offers attractive information, tips and helpful suggestions about product and services without overloading or overpowering a potential customer

• Samples – Business can use free samples to build rapport and engage customers in products and offerings. Customers most of the time respond favorably to samples.

• Videos – Creating videos that offer demonstrations and instructions of services and products. Possibly a text can be placed to invite viewers to visit a site or blog.

• Social Media – Creating a tasteful banner that invites visitor to follow a company on FaceBook or Twitter. Position the banner in the homepage where viewers can notice it carefully.


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