Mystery Shopper

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Definition: Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper or a secret consumer is a method used by companies internally or by external quality watchdogs to gather information about product quality or services or to make sure that stores are complying with regulations or service guidelines.

Often, the mystery shopper asks questions or purchases products and then gives detailed feedback to the parent companies about the standard of services or employee behaviour. The mystery shopper’s identity is unknown to prevent bias and he makes a detailed observation about the company’s products, service offering, quality of service etc. It is thus used primarily as a quality control measure and is a widely adopted measure especially for service oriented companies

For example, a mystery shopper to a restaurant might observe the behaviour of the waiters, the quality of food, the serving time and the dining ambience. He or she may raise specific situations (Such as complaining about a dish), to observe the behaviour of the personnel. These will then form part of his detailed report which will help the restaurant chain improve upon its current service offerings.


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