Valley Period

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Definition: Valley Period

Valley period is a period where the demand for a product is at its lowest. It is generally the off-season period for a product category. The valley period is often repetitive and occurs once to twice every year for specific product categories.

Example is the period just after Diwali or Christmas for apparels when the demand for them is at its lowest. Marketers generally try to inflate the demand by offering the products at heavily discounted prices.

Valley period for some product categories may not be a repetitive one and is triggered by a specific event. Like in the apparel category, a certain fashion may face low demand for a certain period of time before the demand for it rises again. For a period to be termed as valley period, it is necessary that it be neighbored by two periods of higher demand. If demand for a particular product falls forever and doesn’t rise, it can’t be termed as valley period. Example is of pagers, whose demand fell with advent of cell phones and never rose again.

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