Sales Aptitude

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Definition: Sales Aptitude

The ability of a person which helps him/her to convert prospect sales leads into sale. In simple terminology, it is the ability of a person to close a deal. It is generally understood to be a function of mental abilities, appearance, personality, motivation, social skills and a well thought out and flexible sales approach.


It can be an acquired or natural ability of a person to find a common ground with the other party and convince him to close the deal. Choosing the right guy for the sales is not only important but also critical for the company to maintain the volumes. Organizations often conduct a sales aptitude test (Often known as sales assessment) before hiring the sales team. Some organizations have organized training programs for their sales teams to develop the correct sales aptitude.


Some tests have been structures and are available online which helps in the evaluation of sales aptitude. These tests are usually structured around the following dimensions:

• Identifying the key personality traits which are related to sales

• Discovering where the sales potential lies out of the 4 business fields:

a) Technical sales

b) Marketing

c) Customer relations management

d) Sales force

• Matching the profile with 10 occupational groups within these fields



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