Foot in the Door (FITD)

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Definition: Foot in the Door (FITD)

FITD is a persuasion tactic through which a company makes a potential buyer to comply to a bigger request by making him to comply to a smaller request at first. This concept was first studied by Freedman and Fraser. They found that once a person agrees to a smaller request, the chances of him agreeing to a bigger request are more.

FITD is a sequential request process.

Example: -

i) Can I borrow a car to go to my friend’s place? Followed by Can I borrow it for a week?

ii) Can I submit the paper few hours late? Followed by can I submit the paper after a week?

The general door to door selling is sometimes interpreted by the customers to be intrusion in their privacy but a persuasive FITD marked by a series of questions portrays to be less intrusive and helps in better purchase conversions. This would improve sales and help in building better seller buyer relationship.



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