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Definition: Signature

Signature is mostly used in advertising which can be either the name of the advertiser in the bottom of the ad or it could be theme song/music associated with the advertisement or a TV/Radio program.

When a signature is added at the end of Email, it is lines of text under the name that helps in identifying the sender. It works as an e-business card while sending out an advertisement through emails. It has many advantages and costs nothing. An automatic signature with email can enhance productivity and earnings considerably. It is very simple to add an email signature in the emails and it would be viewed many times by a large audience.

Other than email messages, Signature can be added at many other places in order to reach individuals or groups of people with text. Some of those places can be Blog comments, Product or service reviews, forums’ messages and social media messages (like Facebook, Myspace etc). There can be a lot of creativity around creating a signature. A signature ad can also be posted to some of the groups where the message is allowed.

Usually, a signature includes 2-3 lines of text explaining what the sender is trying to sell or promote with a URL link. The signature can influence the readers to click on the URL.



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