Orbit Advertising

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Definition: Orbit Advertising

Orbit advertising is the technique used in advertising wherein, a television or radio commercial is rotated among different slots of time in order to achieve a greater percentage of net reach. It is a term that is commonly used in media and advertising.

It works by using a kind of modified run- of satellite schedule, where the time slots for these commercials keep rotating within a given number of adjacency positions. i.e., the time periods that immediately precede or succeed a scheduled program, which is different from an in program placement of a commercial.

This method helps in capturing new impressions from more people, since different people might prefer to watch different timing slots for a TV channel. As a result, new people are reached through the commercial, thus helping in increasing the net reach, which is a metric which measures the unique number of people reached, rather than the number of impressions. On the other hand, if a commercial had been aired at the same time every day of the week, a major chunk of the viewers would be repeated every day, since they might prefer to watch the TV show which is being aired at that particular time.

For example, on a given week, the commercial might be aired at 7 pm on a Monday, 7:30 pm on the next day, 8 pm on the next day, 8:30 pm on the day following that and so on.


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