Press Clipping

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Definition: Press Clipping

Press clipping was traditionally the task of monitoring the press releases by agencies to help their clients understand and providing the media releases that are relevant to their clients. Traditionally all the news and updates that were relevant to any business were released through the print media and the major part of the service for the press clipping service firm included to update the firm with these clippings. Later these firm started to increase its service and included detailed analysis and opinion with reference to these.

As the industry shifted from print media to radio and television and the later in 1990s to the online web, the press clipping service has shifted to track the updates from all the channels. The press clipping service firms cover all the media coverage of a firm and also the opinions of all the industry experts that are published. Also due to the shift of the media to online, many press clipping services have started automating the process of the clipping the media coverage of their clients.

All the firms usually list down their media coverage on their website and their catalogue to prove reliability and trust to gain clients and retain the existing clients.

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