Brand Personality

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Definition: Brand Personality

It is the set of “human characteristics” that the consumer can relate to with a particular brand name. It is what the brand can live and die for. It is composed of a unique set of attributes that only that particular brand possesses. These can be gender, age, socio economic class, psychographic, emotional characteristics.

Example can be “Apple” which has a brand personality as being “cool, innovative, stylish and upper class” while “IBM” is traditional, old and routine.

It basically looks into what traits the target consumer segment possesses and what are their aspirations for future and accordingly develop a brand’s personality.

Examples can be- conservative or progressive, leader or followers, dynamic or stable, outgoing or reserved, young and fashionable or old and traditional, etc.

The brand personality development process is not always the result of a conscious effort. It may gradually develop automatically with the different usages and types of consumers who start using the brand.

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