Psychographic Segmentation (Behavioural segmentation)

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Definition: Psychographic Segmentation (Behavioural segmentation)

Psychographic segmentation is a method of dividing markets on the bases of the psychology and lifestyle habits of customers.

Different variables considered to do Psychographic segmentation are: -

  • Interests
  • Activities
  • Opinions
  • Behavioural patterns
  • Habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Perception of selling company
  • Hobbies
  • usage


  • Lifestyle- Culture oriented, sports oriented, outdoor oriented
  • Personality- Compulsive, gregarious, ambitious, authoritarian.

Psychographic Segmentation Advantages

  • Increased brand value of the company in the eyes of the customer.
  • Targeting a specific type of customer base is easy
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, hence most of the consumers are retained

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