Sales Promotion

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Definition: Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is used to draw a stronger and quicker buying response from the buyer. They also help in highlighting product offers which are short run and also give a boost to the dropping sales.

Examples of devices used in sales promotion include coupons, samples, premiums, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, contests, rebates, and sweepstakes.

Benefits of sales promotion are: -

  • Communication: -they help in gaining attention and may lead the consumer to the product.
  • Invitation : - They induce the buyer in making an immediate transaction i.e. tempting the consumer in buying the product
  • Incentive: - The consumer feels that he is delivered more value due to the concession or inducement.

Example: -

  • Soft drink companies which print codes on its cover which you have to SMS to the company

          to see if you have won a prize or there are cash discounts on the soft drink purchased.

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