Dimensions of Change Pettigrew Whipp

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Definition: Dimensions of Change Pettigrew Whipp

Pettigrew and Whipp discussed about the dimensions of change in their book, ‘Managing change for competitive success. They distinguished the three basic factors given below:

-          Content: This determines the objectives and goals of the strategy

-          Process: It determines the implementation of a strategy

-          Context: It determines the environment, both external and internal, where the strategy operates

They proposed that interaction between the following five change factors, helps in managing the change effectively.

-          Environmental assessment: Monitoring the internal and external environment helps in managing the change effectively

-          Human resources as assets / liabilities: Employees plays a central role in organisation

-          Linking strategic and operational change: The strategic change plan should be linked to operational plan also

-          Leading the change

-          Overall coherence: The change strategy should be coherent with the vision, mission and goals of the company


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