Value Added Reseller

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Definition: Value Added Reseller

Value added reseller adds value to an already existing or in use product . The VAR may be adding  specific or customized application for  the buyer . There can be a combined offerings  or a complete  system  being installed. It takes advantage of the fact the buyer cannot assemble all the components.

In addition to those who  just assemble or add a component are those  who are integrators which design mainframes and  only large companies like IBM , BCG  have the capacity to meet this expectation unlike small retailers or resellers who do not have the ability to assemble the various components.


Example :

A retailer might use a high resolution graphic card along with an intel  processor  , A windows 7 software  supporting it to make its visuals more appealing and  allowing the user to have a good gaming experience.

  • Apple also takes the diverse needs of its users into  consideration before providing  music tools for making it compatible with the ambience
  • It  provides tools for you to create your own music composition
  • It also provides  training  and  demonstration  programs to make their customers well versed with their equipment
  • A lot of distribution services , accessories  and replacement services offered  post purchase also come under value added  reselling

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