Twelve Principles of the Network Economy Kelly

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Definition: Twelve Principles of the Network Economy Kelly

This was given by Kevin Kelly in his article “Wired” in 1997.

The 12 principles are: -

a) The Law of Connection

b) The Law of Plentitude

c) The Law of exponential value

d) The law of tipping points

e) The Law of increasing returns

f) The Law of inverse Pricing

g) The Law of generosity

h) The Law of Allegiance

i) The Law of Devolution

j) The Law of Displacement

k) The Law of Churn

l) The Law of Inefficiencies

They provide the new rules for the internet period

It revolves around following 4 axes: -

  • Wealth is created out of innovation and not through optimization
  • Supreme agility is the best atmosphere to do the unknown
  • Undoing what is perfected
  • The cycle of find, nurture and destroy happens very fast and intensely.

Eg: -Law of Inefficiencies says those don’t solve problems but find new opportunities.

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