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Definition: Consumer

A consumer is the end user of a good/service. A consumer is the one who acquires goods or services for direct consumption, i.e., for personal use/ ownership and not for resale or use in production or manufacturing.

However, a consumer is different from a customer. A customer is the one who may purchase a good or service for direct ownership or for resale or use in production.

Hence, a consumer is a customer but a customer is not a consumer.


For example:

A person buying a cola drink for quenching his thirst is a consumer of the cola as it is meant for his personal consumption.

However, a retailer buying cola bottles from the wholesaler for resale is a customer to the wholesale agent as it is not meant for direct consumption. It is meant for resale.


A consumer makes the decision to buy a good or service or not and may be influence by advertisements and other forms of marketing.

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