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Definition: Rapport

Rapport is one person connecting to another person upon the mutual feelings of trust and emotional affinity. In sales, it is mingling with the leads in order to build a sense of trust and confidence and build relationships. It is a stepping stone to get leads who are in god mood and willing to take up their needs and requirements with someone who they feel have an affinity towards them.

Rapport can be built by the following methods –

1. Mirroring – getting in sync with the prospects on as many levels as possible

  1. Emotional Mirroring
  2. Posture Mirroring
  3. Tone and Tempo Mirroring

2. Reciprocity – offering gifts and favours, resulting in a feeling of obligation in the leads’ minds

3. Commonality – deliberately finding something in common with the leads in order to provide ground to build rapport

Example: Firms these days use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. in order to connect with prospects and by including them in their materials such as sharing blogs, articles, etc. to add a personal touch.

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