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Definition: WIIFM

It is an acronym for ‘what’s in it for me?’ It is general tendency of any buyer to look for which is of value to him/her.

The prospective buyer always approaches sales pitch from WIIFM mindset. Hence, it is always useful to communicate benefits of product/service rather than features.  

Now days, customer is bombarded with plethora of information. He is too busy to listen to your sales pitch.  Communicating the value of your product/service directly appeals to WIIFM mindset.


Let’s say you are selling a personal computer to someone. If you tell that the computer has 2.66 Ghz processor in it, he/she might not find it appealing.  Instead, communicating that the computer can help you in multi-tasking and executing complex programs faster, he might find it worth listening. Here you are directly appealing to WIIFM mindset.

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