Catalog Management System

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Definition: Catalog Management System

Catalog management system refers to maintenance of product information in a structured and organized manner to help customers as well as channel partners understand product benefits. Generally catalogs provide detailed information of product functionalities, price and generally seen in websites.

A catalog management system helps to both design and edit online catalogs. It also helps to price the products available. Some of the desired properties of CMS are as follows:

  • Manageable: It should be able to load catalogs, and edit the contents once it loads. Even if the catalog becomes bigger, the CMS system should be able to maintain it.
  • Search: The CMS system must enable the creation of queries to search the catalog on multiple categories.
  • The CMS system should facilitate easy browsing of the catalog, by creation of easily navigable pages.
  • CMS also generally help in carrying out analysis of the data obtained from the catalog.
  • CMS should make the catalog structure in such a way that the catalog is easily scalable, and does not create disruption to the main site.

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