Twenty Two Equivalent Feet

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Definition: Twenty Two Equivalent Feet

Twenty two Equivalent feet is a standard metrics used for measurement of   capacity of a twenty foot long and a 9 feet wide container .It is used for evaluating shipment carrying capacity of the shipping and cargo industries. It also describes the traffic handling capacity for a given port .The standard measurement for length is taken to be 20 feet .The height can vary from 6 to 10 feet . It is expressed in TEU. These are usually metallic containers.


There is some error in calculation because the cargo may not completely occupy the container firstly.  In case a cargo may not be accommodated in 1 standard TEU and would require another standard unit.  The total container capacity used is 2TEU i.e. 40 equivalent feet length. However, a lot of space may go vacant in accommodating the cargo . However there is no standard benchmarking done for the heights. Non standard sizes of metal containers are also available for odd sized cargo. For example a 65 ft or a 3.25 TEU.

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