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Definition: X12

The American standard committee  which maintains  and develops American national standards  through an electronic data exchange. Its subcommittees   include members from the field of finance , logistics , supply chain , management  information systems, insurance , health care.

The committee usually meets thrice a year to decide  on the  set of electronic exchange standards for order  receipt and delivery  , processing  orders ,  invoicing  and application of data on a common business  platform. Their activities revolve around  the following :

  • Development and growth of business to business operations.
  • Improving the coordination among the various sub committees.
  • Creating awareness and increasing adoption of Electronic data interface standards


Principles  :

  • Ensuring highest  quality and timely delivery  for their clients
  • Clearly defining the  scope of the respective functions so there is no ambiguity regarding their  activities
  • Maintaining  and developing the standards so that the user can easily  shift its database to a new technology
  • Maintaining the highest ethical and moral practices.
  • Establishing a framework for the  complete architecture  and  establishing internal commitment

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