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Definition: Turnover

Frequency or the rate at which the  ( inventory , credit , employees )  in a business are  getting replaced  or replenished . It gives a fair indication if the item is being static and how efficiently the space is being utilized .

It gives a complete picture of the balance sheet and shows effectively the firm is utilizing its current assets which cannot be made out by merely looking at its magnitude only. A higher value of turnover is usually preferable but not always Turnover of a company is the annual revenue generated from its business and non business activities. Example


  • Inventory Turnover - It gives a measure of annual sales to the average inventory maintained  in the stock . It means the inventory is being churned efficiently without delaying the complete   business cycle. It is a measure of labor being productive .


  • Employee Turnover – A higher value of employee turnover ratio means the firm has a low retention rate . This is however not always preferred since additional cost has to be spent in hiring  and recruitment . The costs involved in training and developing the new employee and time which he takes to get adept at his work.

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