Sparsh, NGO Case study-IIM Bangalore

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Sparsh, NGO Case study
Sparsh, NGO Case study
31.08.2012 - 16.09.2012
Vista IIM Bangalore
Case Study/Business-Plan

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IIM Bangalore
Team Vista
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Prize Details:
First Prize (EFFICOR Case) : Rs. 25,000/-First Prize (Have a Heart Case): Rs. 25,000/-


Ever wanted to help the boy you saw rummaging the trash to make a living? Ever wanted to make things easier for the disabled? Ever wished you could change things, given the opportunity? If your answer is yes, then Sparsh is your chance to make it happen. Sparsh is one of the pioneering efforts of Vista to bridge the gap between the brains and the hands of the society. This event gives the participants an opportunity to work closely with a NGO in India and solve its real problems. A remarkably difficult set of constraints force the contestants to think creatively, innovate and solve some of the most pressing issues faced by the NGOs. This event goes beyond the air-conditioned rooms and the lush surroundings into the dust and grime of the real world and helps you make a difference.

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