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25.11.2012 - 18.01.2013
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T A Pai Management Institute
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# Rank Cash Certificate 1 1 20000 Rs yes 2 2 15000 Rs yes 3 3 12000 Rs yes


About inFINity:

Various financial services companies in the Indian market have realized the growth and significance of the youth in India, falling in the age bracket of 18-30 years. This segment finds investment in financial services unfruitful and is unaware of the potential benefits of these.

inFINity aims to lessen this need-gap by giving you a platform to design a marketing and strategic plan for the company's products and offerings, in order to create a connect with this segment. This competition gives all the students with the knowledge, talent and required skills of convincing and creating a customer base; to present their ideas, the uniqueness and feasibility of which would be judged by the company itself.


Type of Quiz: Finance

Stage 1: inFINity Online Prelims- 25th November, 2012

All participating teams will have to give a preliminary quiz, to be conducted online, which would test the basic theoretical marketing and financial knowledge of the students.

Stage 2: Case and submission of plan

The shortlisted teams will be allotted a case on the product offerings of the company by the 15th of December, after which they have to submit a comprehensive marketing and strategic plan for the same.

This would be evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of experts from various areas including Marketing and Finance. This would be evaluated on the basis of innovation and feasibility.

Stage 3: Finals- 18th January, 2013

Round 1: Presentation of plan

The final shortlisted participants will be invited for a final presentation of their plan, where they would be judged by the company representatives, on the basis on Innovation, Creativity, Feasibility and estimated ROI generated. The team which performs outstandingly on all these criteria would emerge as winners of the round, with their plan being adopted by the company in the market.

Round 2: Simulation Game

This round would involve participants in a fictitious financial market with a fixed budget, to make investments in securities, which would be evaluated on the basis of ROI generated.

Teams having the maximum total score of the 2 rounds would emerge as winners


Stage 1: Prelim Round- November 25, 2013

Stage 2: Receipt of Case Study - December 15, 2013

Stage 3: Finals, TAPMI Campus – January 18, 2013


Only students pursuing their MBA can participateA team must contain minimum 2 members and maximum 3 membersMore than one team from an institute can participate. However a participant can be a member of only one team.Any violation of rules will lead to immediate disqualificationDecision of the judges and the institute is final. In case of any conflicts, the final decision will be at the discretion of the inFINity team.

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* Only students pursuing their MBA can participate