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27.11.2012 - 07.12.2012
Case Study/Business-Plan

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T A Pai Management Institute
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Venkatesh Iyer
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About Sahayog

There are numerous social challenges faced by our society. Most of us want lend a helping hand, but we simply don’t have the time. But we, Team Atharva bring to you a chance to witness the change in the society due to your managerial skills!!! We bring to you “SAHAYOG”, the one and only management game that takes your solution to the needy. Let your energy, mind, enthusiasm and managerial skills power the social cause.

SAHAYOG challenges you to bring out that extra effort to understand and solve the social problems. Our team will provide you with the live cause. You will be made to visit the community suffering the problem. You need to understand the problem. The theme of our challenge this time is “As we don’t see it”!!!! It is easy to understand the problem but understanding “what it does not say” is a skill. We need those skilled students to elaborate the unseen problem, analyze it and give recommendations on the same. The judges will be the members of the above said community themselves. They will judge your ideas and recommendations on the lines of “correctness”, “feasibility” and “uniqueness”. The team with the best idea will be crowned as the “Change bringers” and will be the winners of SAHAYOG 2013.

So, rise up for the cause and feel the change in you!!! Join the challenge, join SAHAYOG and keep the change going!!



A caselet will be sent to each of the registered teams

A ppt on a possible solution has to be sent back to Atharva

The best six teams will proceed to the finals

Finals :

A critical social problem is identified for which the solution needs to be deciphered.

The students will be brought closer to the protagonists i.e. the actual sufferers of the problem.

They will be made to visit the place/organization so that they understand the problem in a better way from the people who are actually undergoing the problem in their lives.

The students need to prepare detailed analysis the problem.

The analysis should involve detailed understanding of what is already briefed and what can be seen along with what is not told and cannot be seen.

The students need to provide their recommendations on the problem to the potential beneficiaries.

The solution should be correct, unique, feasible and practical enough for implementation.

Prize Prize Money for the Final winners:

First Prize: Rs. 25,000

Second Prize: Rs 10,000


1. Each team can consist of only three members.

2. Register on the Atharva Sahayog page for the preliminary round.

3. The preliminary round will consist of a case study based on social cause which will be mailed to the confirmed participants.

4. You will be given exactly 7 days from the release date to complete the analysis.

5. Mail the analysis in the form of a ppt of not more than 15 slides to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , with the document name as ‘Sahayog_Team name’.

6. Any violation of rules will lead to immediate disqualification.

7. In case of conflicts, the final decision will be at the discretion of the Sahayog Team and Atharva.

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