Spardha 2012-Praxis Business School

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Spardha 2012
Spardha 2012
22.12.2012 - 22.12.2012
Institute Festivals/Fests

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Praxis Business School
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Ranabir Pal
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Upto Rs.1.5 Lakh


Praxis Business School is proud to announce Spardha 2012,the third edition of the Praxis Business School inter-college management festival.Spardha 2012 is scheduled for the 22nd of December and will comprise a number of events that will test the participants' knowledge, skills and competitive spirit. The day's proceedings will be brought to a fitting end with a live War of Bands.

The events are:

Catch Me If You Can (the Finance game)

Mock Stock (the Stock Trading simulation)

The Quiz Show...

  • Jigyasa (online edition)
  • Jigyasa (campus edition)

Brand Aid (the Marketing game)

Owen's Mystery (the HR game)

Eye-Sight (the Online Photography contest)

Matrix 2.0 ( the Analytics game)

The rules of the games will be available on the Spardha 2012 official website or the official Spardha 2012 Facebook page.