Micro health insurance in Developing Economies-Goa Institute of Management, Goa

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Micro health insurance in Developing Economies
06.12.2013 - 08.12.2013
Goa Institute of Management, Goa

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Goa Institute of Management, Goa
Goa Institute of Management, Goa
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Dr Harish Sihare
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The Health insurance for poor people in the form of Micro health insurance has emerged as a pathway to break the vicious circle of poverty in developing countries. Economists and policy analysts oppose micro health insurance on the grounds of the inherited feature of moral hazards in the insurance sector. Health security is increasingly being recognized as integral to any poverty eradication plan. Health risks probably pose the greatest threat to lives and livelihoods of poor households. Typically, when a poor household experiences a health shock, their medical expenses rise and their contribution to household income and routine household expenditure declines.

Approximately 150 million people around the world experience financial catastrophe i.e. they are forced to spend more than 40% of their available income available on health care, after meeting their basic needs. This low (nil) income and high medical expenses can also lead to debt, sale of assets, and removal of children from school in the poorest families. Thus, a short-term health shock can contribute to long term poverty. Due to scarcity and low income, these households generally avoid high value care and often opt for low quality healthcare, which further leads to even poorer health outcomes and poverty.

Health insurance for poor people in the form of micro health insurance, has addressed some of these problems in various developing countries. By covering the cost of care after a health shock, health insurance cover does help to smooth consumption, reduce asset sales and reduce new debts, increase the quantity and quality of care sought, and to improve health outcomes. But at the same time, while opting for micro health insurance, one has to consider the causal effects of health insurance on health outcomes.

The Goa Institute of Management, Goa has designed a Management Development Programme to strengthen managerial competencies of professionals in healthcare organizations by: Analysing the development of health insurance and managed care, both in theory and in practice and providing an emphasis on critical assessment of current and future policy options and issues. The programme will lead to useful discussions and facilitate in crafting of a credible public health systems to provide quality services.

Objectives of the Programme

  • The Main objectives of the programme are the following:
  • To understand the role of Micro health insurance in Health care system.
  • To enable the participants to analyze Micro health insurance programs in developing Nations.
  • To provide an overview of the economic, political and philosophical concepts central to any discussion of financing health care.
  • Moral hazard and adverse selection in Micro health insurance.
  • To understand various challenges of Micro health insurance program.