Roopantar-Goa Institute of Management, Goa

Event Details 

31.07.2013 - 18.08.2013
Goa Institute of Management, Goa
Case Study/Business-Plan

Organizer Details

Goa Institute of Management, Goa
Contact Name:
Tanvi Naik
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Prize Details:
Prizes upto Rs 15000 to be won


You are all invited to Roopantar! Here is your chance to redefine the field of Human Resources. A chance to voice out your opinion. A chance to bring about change. Roopantar signifies evolution/ change which has left no spectrum untouched.

The event will be held in two rounds. The first being elimination round. Finally the four best teams will battle it out on our campus for the final round. The winner's walk away with, not merely prize money but with the pride of knowing that they have what it takes to be change agents.

TEAM SIZE: 2 Members

Rules and Regulations:

Round 1: Article writing

Write an Article on either one of the following two topics:

Topic 1:

HR is widely thought of as "a necessary evil and a dark bureaucratic force that blindly enforces nonsensical rules, resists creativity, and impedes constructive change." It is time to change this sentiment. Write an article NOT exceeding 1000 words on "Redefining HR in the minds of the employees."


Topic 2:

"Mergers and acquisitions are not rare in the recent times. With two companies merging into one or one company acquiring the other, a whole series of transformations is seen. With the recent increase in the Multinationals taking over the Indian companies, culture transformation is inevitable with the consequent assimilation of foreign culture into the Indian Companies. Write an article NOT exceeding 1000 words expressing your viewpoint on"Managing Culture transformation in Indian Companies."

2. Type of document: pdf

Word Limit: not exceeding 1000 words

Naming convention: "name of the participants_institutename_roopantar"

eg. Tanvinaikmayuradesai_gim_roopantar

Font: Times New Roman, Size: 14

3. Get maximum likes on Facebook page:

After getting the article, it would be uploaded on the FB Page and a link would be sent to you mentioning the location. You need to get the maximum number of likes to get shortlisted for next round. The article should also be sent to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the name of the participant and Institute name.

4. Shortlisting will be done on the basis of "number of likes on Facebook post" and "judgement panel's decision" with weightage in the ratio of 2:3.

5. The last day for submission is 6th August and the number of likes will be locked at 23:59 hours on 6th August 2013.

6. Top 4 teams will be shortlisted for the next round.

7. In case of a tie, the uploading time of the article of the respective teams will be the deciding factor

8. Only one of the team members will be allowed to upload the article.


The round begins on 27th July, 2013. The article can be uploaded anytime on the given path before 23:59 hours on 6th August 2013.

Round 2: On Campus Round - The details of the Final round will be disclosed only on arrival to the campus.


1. Event is only open to students from B-Schools

2. Team size should be 2 members

3. Participants in a team should be from the same institute

4. No participant should be a part of more than one team

5. Each team can submit only one entry for the competition

6. There must be strictly no IPR infringements in the submissions. On discovery of such infringements, the respective team(s) will be disqualified with immediate effect

7. The decisions of the organizers of the contest and the panel of judges will be final and binding on all the participants


Prizes upto Rs 15000 to be won

Registration Link: