LIBA Premier League - II (Intra College Event)-Loyola Institute of Business Administration

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LIBA Premier League - II (Intra College Event)
LIBA Premier League - II (Intra College Event)
01.07.2013 - 23.08.2013
Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai
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Loyola Institute of Business Administration
LIBA Premier League
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It is an intra-college event. Not open to outside colleges.


LIBA believes that the LPL would help students go beyond the books,and apply their knowledge in real life situations.
Loyola Institute of Business administartion which was established in 1979, is one of India's premiere B- schools . It is a Jesuit institution under the aegis of Loyola College Society, Chennai. The institute lays stress on holistic learning with particular emphasis on excellence and ethics. It is proud of its culture, rooted in values such as mutual respect, integrity, teamwork and social concern.

LIBA is known for its events which are regularly conducted by the sole initiative and effort of the students and which helps them to acquire managerial experience and expertise outside the academic curricula.

With the IPL ( Indian Premiere League )season which made the spirits high in all Indians especially the youth, the students of LIBA thought of bringing in the same spirit, enthusiasm, teamwork and strategy management to the classroom. This very thought gave life to the "LIBA Premiere League" (LPL),which is a new concept in any B school , that would work in similar lines of IPL.

LPL would surely help to invoke the true strategist, manager and entrepreneur within an individual. Similar to IPL, there would be team owners who would bid for a particular state using real funds. The team owner would be responsible for his/her team across the various events conducted mainly in management, sports and culturals. The prime focus of LPL is that all students of LIBA would be a part of it, and that all existing clubs such as IgnitE ( Entrepreneurship Club ), 360 degrees ( The cultural Club ), MarkIt ( Markeitng Club ), Finesse ( Finance Club ) and Le VoxPopuli ( The HR Club ) would have its own major role to play in the event.

The whole event is spread across a period of one month, with the initial bidding process to start from the first week of July. The ultimate aim of each team is to get the maximum points across all events, by strategically making use of their available resources, i.e. their particular team members. The rules of the event would ensure that no one team has an edge over the other.
Libaites are looking forward to their first premier league, and no sooner will be left unturned to make it a grand success.