A K Seth Memorial Debate Competition-MIB, Delhi School of Economics

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A K Seth Memorial Debate Competition
A K Seth Memorial Debate Competition
14.09.2013 - 14.09.2013

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MIB, Delhi School of Economics
Literary and debating Society
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Anna Jain
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Prize Details:
The total prize money to be given is over *Rs. 10000!*


The *Literary and Debating Society*, Master of International Business,

Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics takes great pleasure in

inviting your institute to participate in the second edition of the *A K Seth Memorial Debate* scheduled to be held on *14 September, 2013*. It will be a *conventional debate* with, one member of the team speaking for the

motion and the other against it.

*Eligibility: MBA/ post graduate management students* To *register*: https://docs.google.com/a/mibdu.org/forms/d/1-dfIM9eAqrwJQJr9ZB4Wp pMYbeQuC0-l-qa3LM6Ii4Y/edit *Participation in this debate is by invitation only*. The* cap on the number of teams from each college is 3*.Cross college teams are not permitted. The deadline for registration is *6:00 pm, 8 September, 2013*. The *motion for the debate *will be sent to registered participants by midnight,* 8 September, 2013*. The* rules for the debate* are as follows:

1. Each team shall be represented by two participants, one of whom will speak for the motion, and the other against the motion. 2. The time duration for each speaker is 4 minutes. A warning bell will ring at 3 mins, followed by a final bell at 4 minutes. Participants would be penalized for speaking beyond 4 minutes, and they will be drowned out at 4 minutes and 15 seconds. 3. After each speaker’s debate, he/she will have to answer 2 questions from fellow participants. The time limit for answering each refutation/interjection would be 45 seconds. 4. The participants should not mention the name of their institutions during the debate. 5. Only the participants and the judges are allowed to interject a speaker after his/her speech. While doing so, the person asking the question should mention his/her team number and name. 6. Participants would be marked on the content of their debate, their manner of presenting their arguments, and their answers to the interjection. 7. In case of no interjections, the speaker would automatically be awarded the maximum points scored in the interjection round by any of the other participants. 8. The decision of the judges would be final and binding in all circumstances.

The total prize money to be given is over *Rs. 10000!*

We look forward to your participation in the debate and hope that the event will see a fruitful discussion on the motion. For any further clarification or assistance on the debate, feel free to revert back to us. Thank You.