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Biz Czar
Biz Czar
15.11.2013 - 17.11.2013
Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
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Management Development Institute
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Govind Paliath
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+91 9711114798
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30,000 INR


The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.”- Sun


What does it take to win wars?

Large armies? State of the Art weapons? Fancy aircraft?

Wars are won not on the strength of an army’s resources but on the strength of its strategy. Strategy formulated

well before the first bullet is fired; the first drop of blood is shed. Strategy conceived in the minds of brilliant

generals who utilize their grey cells to outthink the enemy.

Do you think you have the strategic acumen to succeed in the corporate battlefield?

Come this Imperium, test your mettle against the brightest brains from the best B-schools across the country in

Biz Czar.

Biz Czar is the flagship Strategy event of Imperium that is organized in coordination with Strategist- the Strategy

and Consulting Club of MDI Gurgaon. Teams will compete against each other in devising market entry strategies,

bidding for scarce resources, building up economies of scale and making the right choices whilst keeping an eye on

market fluctuations. The goal is to maximize profit by making quick, calculated decisions under pressure.

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Registration ends: 22:00 Hours, 31st October (Thursday), 2013

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