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10.08.2012 - 17.08.2012
Goa Institute of Management
Institute Festivals/Fests

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Goa Institute of Management
Samriddhi12- The Business of Innovation
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Ankur Maheshwari
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Prize Details:
1st Prize Rs. 5000
2nd Prize Rs. 3000
3rd Prize Rs. 2000


Always wanted to dabble on stock markets but were too skeptical to loose your money? Nivesh is the perfect opportunity for you to hone your skills as a trader without the fear of any monetary losses. This mock trading event will explore your trading skills and test your acumen to generate maximum return on your investment on a real-time platform.
Number of Participants per team: 1/2
Rules and Regulations:
The mock trading will run for a total of 5 trading days starting from 10th August.
For each trading day, each team needs to select 5 stocks from the BSE200 Index.
A maximum of 2 stocks can be chosen from the same industry. BSE prices of stocks will be considered for evaluation purposes.
A total corpus of Rs.1, 00,000 will be available with each team for investment.
Maximum Rs. 30000 and minimum Rs.10000 needs to be invested in any stock.
The stocks selected, target, stop loss, investment amount and rationale behind stock selection must be submitted by 11 PM everyday starting from Day 1. This is a prerequisite for continuing participation the next day.The submission link will be provided on the day of the event.
Once the target / stop loss has been reached for a stock, trading in that stock will be suspended for the rest of the day and money locked in that stock willremain free for that day.
In case the target/ stoploss have not been reached, the final closing price of the stock will be taken into consideration.
Short selling in the stocks is allowed.
Trading is allowed only in the cash segment.
The final net gain/loss will be calculated by summing up gains/losses of all the 5 days.
Any team violating any of the rules of the event or indulging in any activity that disrupts the decorum to be maintained in the event will be disqualified.
Decision and judgment of the Samriddhi Team would be final and binding on the participants.
Final winners would be declared by giving 70% weight to the net gains and 30% weight to the rationale behind stock selection.
Important Dates
Registration Start date: 2nd August
Registration End date : 8th August
Contest Start date     : 10th August
Contest End date       : 17th August