Workplace Violence:Plans, Policies & Procedures for Human Re-TrainHR

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Workplace Violence:Plans, Policies & Procedures for Human Re
Workplace Violence:Plans, Policies & Procedures for Human Re
13.11.2014 - 14.11.2014
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HR Training and Development
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Russel Stuart
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Employers must employ many safeguards and work continuously to maintain a safe place for employees, customers, visitors and vendors. However, violent incidents can never be completely prevented and businesses are vulnerable. This workplace violence seminar is intended to assist in the development of plans, policies and procedures to prevent, mitigate and respond to a workplace violence within and outside employers facilities. Pre-Incident Prevention and Preparation, Management During an Incident, Post Event Management, Safety Tips for Personnel and Additional Resources.

Why should you attend:

HR executives are often unprepared for violent or harassing behavior in the workplace, and reluctant to take the lead in creating and implementing plans, policies and procedures to prevent violent behavior. All too common is a policy of "crossing our fingers and hoping for the best". Or even worse, employing the Law of Self-Exclusion, which states, "It can't happen here. We've never had a real problem.".

Even HR executives who understand the real potential for episodes of violence or harassment in their workplaces may believe (with justification) that management will be unwilling to address the problem or approve a budget until AFTER a serious incident occurs.

In that there is no specific OSHA requirement mandating employers have violence prevention programs, many organizations believe they do not have to be concerned with government fines and enforcement action. This is untrue! In the aftermath of a serious incident OSHA may impose a variety of penalties and take other actions based on the "General Liability Clause" which requires employers to effectively address any and all foreseeable hazards that could cause serious injury or death.

Intended Benefits Include:

  • Reduced exposure to liability and enforcement action in the event of an incident. WPV Related lawsuits result in average settlements of $600,000 and average jury awards of $3 Million.
  • Comply with government and accreditation standards.
  • Maintaining job satisfaction and reducing employee turnover.
  • Establishing and maintaining your brand as an employer of choice.
  • Providing some protection from increased Worker's Comp and other insurance premiums.
  • Preventing violence prevents an adverse impact on business. Corporate America loses $5 billion annually in lost productivity and absenteeism and suffers increased healthcare and security costs due to violence in the workplace.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Definition of WPV
  • Scope & Impact of WPV
  • Elements of an Effective WPV Policy
  • Effective WPV Prevention
  • Type One WPV (Criminal Intent)
  • Type Two WPV (Patient Originated WPV)
  • Type Three (Worker on Worker WPV)
  • Type Four WPV(Domestic Violence at Work)
  • WPV Personal Safety Training
  • Active Shooter Events