Beer Game-Goa Institute of Management

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Beer Game
Beer Game
02.08.2012 - 17.08.2012
Goa Institute of Management, Goa
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Goa Institute of Management
Samrddhi 2012
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Tanmoy Chakravarty
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Upto Rs. 15000.


The Beer game is a role play simulation game that will let the participants experience the typical co-ordination problems in a supply chain in which only limited information gets shared in between the participants of the chain.
Following are the rules and regulations:

1.There will be four members in every team.
2.First round will be an online quiz based on basic managerial concepts(12 Aug 2012).
3.Second round will be held at the GIM campus(19 Aug 2012).
4.Team members have to play roles of Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor and the factory or manufacturing unit, individually.
5.The roles will be assigned to the team members randomly.
6.Number of customer orders will be generated at the retailer end he/she has to transmit the order further in the supply chain.
7.Each participant will have to forecast the expected values of orders and work accordingly.
8.There will multiple rounds with a differential score for each round.
9.Costs will be incurred in the form of inventory carrying cost and cost of lost sales.
10.The team which will incur the least cost cumulatively will be winning.

Organising team's decision will be final and binding.