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folder icon 1436 Finance

The Finance Category contains various documents on Finance topics such as Budgeting,equity,options,capital structure,valuation etc.

folder icon 1117 Marketing

The Marketing Category contains various documents on marketing topics such as branding,positioning,segmentation,targeting,sales,sales management etc.

folder icon 660 Operations

The Operations Category contains various documents on operations topics such as JIT,planning,kaizan,TPS,logistics,efficiency etc.

folder icon 719 Human Resources

The Human Resource Category contains various documents on HR topics such as Recruitment,selection,planning,attrition,employee motivation etc.

folder icon 991 General Mgmt and Strategy

The General Management Category contains various documents on strategy and IT topics such as strategic planning,systems,IT etc.

folder icon 24 Business Simulation Spreadsheets

Business Simulation Spreadsheets contains models and spreadsheets which can help you to simulate real life business scenarios e.g. NPV calculator,Six Sigma simulator,EOQ calculators etc.

folder icon 280 Company Annual Reports

This category contains various annual reports.

folder icon 57 Pharmaceutical Management

This category consists of documents useful for MBA Pharmaceutical Management students.