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TOPIC: VistaMind Interview Tips # 2

VistaMind Interview Tips # 2 2 years ago #3774

VistaMind Interview Tips # 2

Questions on Work Experience

Questions on Work Exp can be classified into two types. Lets understand them by taking IT work exp as an example.

Macro Picture

Overview of the Indian IT Industry. How has it evolved? What are the trends for the next few years. How are the margins? Will competition intensify and will it put pressure on margins?
Why was India successful in IT? Can China catch up? What can India do to maintain its lead? Can Indian IT make the transition from products to services etc
Focus on understanding the facts and doing some analysis. For example, Clients are primarily from North America and the Domain wise Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare etc. Please note that all data on share of revenues by Geography and Domains is available for all major IT companies.
So future trend for revenues will depend on how these companies perform. So if USA does well (GDP growth) or BFS sector does well, it will lead to good growth for IT industry. In the long term, IT industry will need to penetrate into other geographic like Europe, China, East Asia, South America etc.
Issues like Layoffs, role of unions in IT sector etc may also come up.

Micro Picture:

Your role? Projects handled. Nature of work. Key learnings, achievements etc.

Here it is important that you understand your project, at least an overview. Who is the client? What is the nature of business? What is the processes followed by the client? How is your project helping the client.
Be prepared to explain the process by which a project is handled, the structure of teams, Project Mgrs, Team Leads, BA, Consultants etc who might be involved in the project and their roles.

Try to show that you are curious to understand the big picture, even if it is not required for your current role.
Try to give instances where you have taken initiative (gone beyond your designated work) to suggest improvements.
Try to give examples that demonstrate specific skills - People management, Planning, time mgt and prioritisation, conflict handling. All these are highly valued management skills that are useful across domains.
Think of any action of yours that has benefited client/your company and any praise/appreciation that you have received. Any email received can be printed and kept as proof.


Criticise your company or client, although you can suggest improvements.

Criticise coworkers, bosses.

Rule out coming back and working in the same sector. Though you can talk about sectors that have better scope for growth.

Hope this helps. Will be back again with next tip. As usual, free to share this with any MBA aspirant.

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