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Transformed from a shy person to Marketer 2
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TOPIC: Transformed from a shy person to Marketer 2

Transformed from a shy person to Marketer 2 2 years, 5 months ago #2629

As I was talking last time about that persuing a foreing MBA may not be the best option for you....

Anyways, I had joined VBS (Vanguard Business School) and was going through the modules that are on offer there. I found the modules to be interesting and meaningful but more on this later...

After joining Vanguard Business School, I met my real enemy "shyness". I was always very shy since childhood. I was so shy that until this time, I had only two friends. Also my English was also not very good. In my first day of college, everybody tried to meet and talk to each other but I sat on the last row and was watching everyone from afar. As class started, the teacher asked everyone to introduce himself. I was dreading about what would I say when my turn came. I was worrying myself sick. Anyways with determination, I sat and tried to rehearse what I had to say but I could not focus at all. This made my thoughts even more muddled, leading to my increased worry... you understand how the cycle goes. When my turn finally came, my hands were shivering and somehow I began to speak. I gave my introduction and of course by the time I finished, everybody was laughing.

One day I met Mr.Arks Srinivasan, Dean of Vanguard Business School, who after a few minutes discussion noticed that my english was not good. He guessed correctly that it was why I felt shy and not confident to express my thoughts. It has been many years, but I still remember his words that "No body is perfect in this world" and encouraged me at the same time. The meeting must have lasted only a few minutes but to me it seemed to last a long time. This single meeting inspired me to introspect. I found that I had to focus on personality development and VBS was the perfect place for me to do so...

After that I started to try to always speak in english and attend every seminar or presentation that came my way (there are very many opportunites for that). As time went by,I started to find changes in myself. I firmly believe, that that single meetings provide me with the best tool for my career goals.

As I promised above, here are details about the modules... VBS has a radically different curriculum, made in line with the corporate requirements. Curriculum is developed with continuous involvement of corporate managers which not only keep the curriculum focused on the business needs, but also make it very practical. A lot of emphasis is also placed on practical exposure to various situations like public speaking, debats, submissions on various topics, book discussions etc. This gives us an added advantage during placements. In fact I met someone from symbiosis who although from a more well known college, still did not have practical skills in excel that I possessed (I ended up helping her... and that is a different story)

The Campus network facility also makes it easy, not only because they are organizing exciting events every week, but also because of the variety of services they provide for confidence building. The faculty is distinguished (from IIM's, XLRI and other prestigious instituions), and the student/alumni network is vibrant, which provides us all with an excellent opportunity to explore our field of interest. Now I can proudly say the decision to choose VBS was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

To be continued...

Mohhamamd Khusroo
Store Manager
Bharti Airtel
studied at Vanguard business school
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