Although many questions are constantly raised about India’s unity, we have always stood united even during the worst of the adversities. We have shown the world that we respect and value all the religions and cultures equally. Keeping up with that secular spirit, the students of SIBM-Bengaluru, just like every year, celebrated Iftar.
Iftar is the meal which is eaten by Muslims after sunset during the holy month of Ramadan. But for the students of SIBM-B, it was much more than a meal. As the sky turned a brilliant shade of orange, the students hailing from all the corners of the country came together for the Iftar Feast organized for the fifth time in a row by the Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee of the college. To have people from various ethnicities and religious backgrounds coming together to celebrate a festival which is not a part of their religion is a rarity of its own kind. SIBM-Bengaluru is the testimonial to that rarity and cultural integration which is one of the core values that the college instills in its students.
As the twilight set in, the college campus was adorned with beautiful lights of green and silver. The air was filled with excitement as the students lined up in front of their favorite food stalls. The little parcels of rice and meat wrapped with love, the delicious milkshakes and the kulfis, satiated everyone. Hina Sabah, a first-year student said, “Iftar is not usually celebrated by most of the universities in the country but SIBM-Bengaluru celebrates this day with such pomp and joy. I feel at home. ” Syed Zuhair Hyder Razvi, another first-year student, missed not being at home on this special day but the merriment in the college just reminded him of all the festivities at home. He quoted “I feel this event highlights the significance of togetherness and it actually becomes a home away from home.”
In the midst of the hectic schedules, the big plans, big decisions, assignments and deadlines, this B-school offers those precious little moments of unconditional joy and contentment. So, Eid Mubarak to all those who are away from their family and everyone who has found theirs at SIBM-Bengaluru!