Imagine this: 200 odd students from diverse backgrounds, suddenly being casted into a setting where the unexpected is expected. So how does one present the incoming batch with a glimpse of what’s in store?
SIBM-Bengaluru has the simplest but the most effective answer to that – Samaavesh. Meaning ‘Assimilation’, On 11th, June 2017 the Alumni from diversified fields came together to speak about their #LifeAtSIBMB and the way it has shaped their career paths.
Till date, the college has had over 1300 alumni of which one from every batch was invited to the event. While some of them have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs, the others have risen to great heights in the organization they work for.
The guests put themselves in the shoes of the incoming batch that they had once adorned, and took a trip down the memory lane as they spoke about all the “challenges and opportunities” they had had to face during their MBA and the life post that.
There was one common thread that connected all their stories; the relevance of MBA and SIBM Bengaluru in their career growth. Mr. Abir Chatterjee, an alumnus of batch 2009-11, asked the juniors to find their respective anchors, while Mr. Kartik Athavale, an alumnus of batch 2012-14, had the audience in splits with his witty anecdotes.
The alumni interacted with the audience at various stages during the session. To quote Malhar, a first year student, “Samaavesh this year was all about nostalgia. The talks, both inspiring and funny, were something that we as juniors were looking forward to before kick-starting our MBA journey.”
Alma Mater is the stepping stone to one’s future. For the Alumni, SIBM-Bengaluru will always remain a second home. For the incoming batch the alumni will forever be an inspiration. So here’s to the promise of all the inside jokes, ambitions, routines, mistakes, worries, triumphs and inherited craziness that life at SIBM-Bengaluru comes with. The batch of 2019 is now looking forward to two fantastic years!