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Finance articles section focuses on various concepts of finance like budget, stock market and economics of various products & services. Apart from these articles on global financial institutions, different banking systems and topics of international importance in the field of finance are present.

Near Shoring vs Outsourcing- Business Strategies for Global Growth 04 July 2016

A business entity has to accomplish different tasks to fulfil its objectives. Every task requires various resources. If the business entity does all the tasks itself, it would have to invest heavily in its fixed assets. There are two alternatives- nearshoring and outsourcing. Nearshoring happens when a business organization transfers its non-core business activities to an outside entity geographically located near to the business. E.g. for the businesses in UK, Europe is a nearby area. Outsourcing happens when an organization outsources its business processes to an entity which is located very far from the business. It depends on the requirement of the business which model it should go for.


Governance of Bank Boards in India 30 June 2016

Banks are vital institutions in a society and they significantly contribute to the development of an economy through facilitation of business operations. They facilitate development of saving plans and are instruments of the government’s monetary strategy among others. They act as a stethoscope to analyse the economy of country. Considering the huge importance of this sector and in specific the role played by Public Sector banks (PSB) in nation building the, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had set up a “Committee to Review Governance of Boards of Banks in India” under the chairmanship of Mr.P.J.Nayak (Former Chairman and CEO, Axis Bank, and Former Country Head, Morgan Stanley India, Mumbai).


Indian Economy & Startups- Generating Business & Jobs 16 June 2016

Indian economy is world's seventh largest economy by nominal GDP. Amongst all the sectors contributing to the economy, service sector has its largest share and most of it comes from the IT. The expansion of IT sector has been led by the innumerable start-ups in the economy.


Wealth Flow in an Economy to Reduce the Rich & Poor Gap 08 June 2016

It is a very curious thing how wealth flows in an economy. When we have more than enough resources for everyone, how some people live in scarcity and others have the overabundance of them. If we imagine economy as a spear out sheet and wealth as grains of sand over it then it only makes sense that over time these grains will get uniformly distributed over the sheet. We call this idea “the invisible hand of economy”. But, we all know this is not so in real world, there are heaps of grains accumulated in some areas and complete scarcity in other places.


Calculating and Valuing an IPO 01 June 2016

Initial Public Offering (IPO) as it is called is source of fundraising amongst many sources for a company to grow and expand. The proceeds of fund raised through public offering can be put to use anywhere by the company, all that is needed to be checked is that the funds shall be used properly. For this very purpose, we have a regulatory body or the watchdog “SEBI”. SEBI operates in India and is present to protect the wrongdoings by a company using the public money.


Is E-Commerce Augmenting only to Perish? 21 May 2016

The term “E- commerce” is almost on news, advertisements, magazine, in fact, at everybody’s tip of tongue, on daily basis. Though the Y-o-Y growth is speculated to be exponential still the skepticism of an abrupt saturation of the industry or even death persists among the industry experts. The two contradicting facets of the scenario are that the industry is steep growing but it is suffering significant losses consistently since their inception.


Steel Industry Global Slowdown – The Real Problem Behind It 14 May 2016

Global slowdown in steel industry is now not a hidden fact. Daily updates on steel industry highlighting the bad phase of steel industry in 50 years. If we go 50 years back, then what data shows is that during 1950-73 period, crude steel production registered a CAGR of 5.8%. But during 1974-2001 period, steel production went through the stagnant growth of 0.7% CAGR. Then came the golden era of production, during 2002-2007 crude steel production grown at the rate of record 8.4% CAGR.